“Mini-Flyer” Postcard: Kenosha Sculpture Walk

To support a presentation by the Kenosha Sculpture Walk project team, I was developed a handout for presentation attendees. I used Microsoft Publisher (part of the MS 2007 Office Suite) to develop this postcard- sized “mini-flyer”:

Why I Chose this Format

As the project only had a few facts to share with the public (for examples no sculptures had been chosen for the walk and no firm project timelines were set by the date of the presentation), a full brochure or even an 81/2″ by 11″ page flyer would been too empty.  A smaller postcard format was used.

Why I Used Microsoft Publisher 2007

Ordinarally, I would have used Adobe InDesign or QuarkXpress to develop such a “mini-flyer”.  However, it is my policy as writer to create materials that the client can change, adapt or update on systems they already have on their systems and are familiar with.  I have found MS Publisher to a good page layout program.

Besides, MS Publisheer is a good program to use with Avery templates.


Poster Developed for the Kenosha Community Foundation


This poster presents the front and back of a brochure designed for the Foundation as a part of a joint development project.I created the poster from a brochure about the Foundation’s Charitable Gift Annuity program – a student at University of Wisconsin Parkside (Amanda McCann) designed the graphics in the brochure, while I wrote the text (which you can read if you zoom in close).


In Process: New Business Set & Web Portfolio Design

After six months, that included two design classes at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD), feedback from local writers and graphic arts folk, hours of lynda.com training and just going back to the drawing board, I will refresh both my business set (biz card, stationary) and portfolio website (tstargos.com).

The new design will follow the follow a “personal brochure” that I first developed at MIAD and have further refined during at the computer labs at Gateway Technical College.  See the attached graphics gallery below:

The new business cards should be ready soon.  My plan is to change/redeploy the web site, after I develop a new wireframe/storyboard on Fireworks and construct/test the re-freshed site on Dreamweaver.

For the Record: Spring 2011 Results

Long time, no post.

Here are accomplishments that I want to record somewhere – for for memory, for future use:

1. Project Management – Internship at the Kenosha Community Foundation
a. implementation of an eMarketing strategy (newsletter, social media and supporting website content)
b. 300 hours to implement – 240 hours at the foundation, 60 hours work at school, library, coffeeshops, wherever WiFi was safe and available.

2. Freelance Writing – 4 articles (copy & photos) completed for Southern Lakes Newspapers

3. Business and technical writing at the Kenosha Community Foundation
a. Grant proposal to Mary Frost Ashley Charitable Trust
b. Press releases
c. Text for charitable annuity brochure – a partnership with the UW Parkside Art Department (students designs produced brochure designs)
d. One-pagers and event flyers (Sculpture Walk, Mahone Fund Event)
e. Website and logo update / re-fresh

4. Technical Communication coursework at Gateway Technical College (GTC) – procedural writing and developing business writing samples

5. Graphic Design Professional Development at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD)

6. Tax Counseling with United Way / Carthage / UW Parkside VITA program in Kenosha, WI

Logo Developed for MIAD Course; Used in Business Set


February 2011 Breeze Photos & Article

On the link, below find a PDF of a cover photo and an unrelated article (with photos) that was published in The Breeze – a Kenosha County culture/lifestyle magazine (published by Southern Lakes Newspapers).

Breeze ArticleFeb2011

I had another published in The Breeze in 2010, but this is the first article and photos that I felt were adequate enough to post.

Logos developed for MIAD Visual Literacy Course

Below find the initial group of personal logos developed for a course at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design:

These were roughed out first as thumbnails, then refined with Adobe Illustrator.

I am told to expect that the logo will through several iteration and the “final” logo (at least the final one for this class) selected will appear in mid-February.