“Mini-Flyer” Postcard: Kenosha Sculpture Walk

To support a presentation by the Kenosha Sculpture Walk project team, I was developed a handout for presentation attendees. I used Microsoft Publisher (part of the MS 2007 Office Suite) to develop this postcard- sized “mini-flyer”:

Why I Chose this Format

As the project only had a few facts to share with the public (for examples no sculptures had been chosen for the walk and no firm project timelines were set by the date of the presentation), a full brochure or even an 81/2″ by 11″ page flyer would been too empty.  A smaller postcard format was used.

Why I Used Microsoft Publisher 2007

Ordinarally, I would have used Adobe InDesign or QuarkXpress to develop such a “mini-flyer”.  However, it is my policy as writer to create materials that the client can change, adapt or update on systems they already have on their systems and are familiar with.  I have found MS Publisher to a good page layout program.

Besides, MS Publisheer is a good program to use with Avery templates.


First Posting: An Animated GIF developed in Adobe Fireworks.

As this my very first entry, I thought that I should start with something simple. Here is an animated GIF that I created for a personal web site – see tstargos.com. This animated GIF, a requirement in developing the website for a class at Gateway Technical College, is meant to always be moving and is supposed to concisely tell you about me.

The GIF and the web site was launched in the spring 2010 and was the final project for a Web Page Design for Designers class that I took at Gateway Technical College. For the past 6 months, I have been planning to revise and relaunch the site withj a new layout and include a photo billboard..