About this Blog

My name is Tom Targos.  I am a project management professional (PMP) with a certification in Technical Communications from Gateway Technical College.

I started this blog as a part of course in visual literacy (a graphic design professional development training) at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD).

Since January 2011, I have worked as a communications project manager at the Kenosha Community Foundation. In this job, I provide a full range of writing support to the Foundation including authoring grant proposals and designing media for development/giving programs including brochures, advertising and e-Newsletters.  I have implemented a social media marketing campaign, issued press releases, and authored financial reports for the Foundation.

I am also a freelance writer – I have authored seven feature articles on arts, culture and technology for the Southern Lakes Newspapers and the Kenosha News in southeastern Wisconsin.


This site is meant as a means to practice  – as a means to write about topics using tools, methods and practices employed by technical communicators including:

  • lists
  • tables
  • charts
  • grids & spreadsheets
  • graphics
  • procedures and proceses
  • electronic documents
  • videos
  • photographs / photomanipulations
  • and so on.

The blog is also a forum to exhibit and, if possible obtain feedback (hopefully constructive) on my work.  My plan is to upload something at least once a month – more frequently when possible.

While this blog is intended to be practice and as an outlet for my work – if it helps me to get work – all the better.


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