My Experience Writing / Working for a Local Newspaper

In 2010, I began writing for Southern Lakes Newspapers which publishes the local, many free newspapers for communities in southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

Since the beginning of my experience with So. Lakes Newspapers, I have been (continue to be) a contributing writer to the Newspaper’s lifestyle magazine – The Breeze. ¬†Previously, I have posted some of the articles that I developed for The Breeze on this blog – at the end of this post find a PDF of a recent example.

Click on the link below to view an article on spring gardening tips that was published early this summer:

The Breeze June 2011 Gardening

In 2011, I joined the editorial staff of one of the newspapers – the Delavan Enterprise. In this part-time position, among my responsibilities:

1) edit copy for the paper – obituaries, death notices, local sports scores, birth/wedding announcements, letters to the editor, spot news
2) contribute to the newspaper’s newsblog (see

NOTE: I was scheduled to take a newswriting course at Columbia College this summer (and considered taking it this fall) but it cost over $1,000 and would have involved a three-four commute to Chicago, twice-a-week.  With my job at the Delavan Enterprise, I am learning/practicing the same concepts that were to be covered in the class, but now I am getting paid for it (and the office is only 40 minutes from where I live).

How I Got Started
I saw a free publication – The Breeze – and say that the publishers were looking for story submissions. I emailed the editor and proposed a story that was based on an idea on independent, local coffee houses in Kenosha County (I had come up for the idea for a faux magazine cover for a Photoshop class I was taking. A month I had completed coffee house visits, interviews with owners and photos of shops – the article was published.

A month after that the check for the stories and photos arrived (which I used to buy a new iPod Nano). A year later and I am still hooked and I can official call feature writing my hobby.