“Mini-Flyer” Postcard: Kenosha Sculpture Walk

To support a presentation by the Kenosha Sculpture Walk project team, I was developed a handout for presentation attendees. I used Microsoft Publisher (part of the MS 2007 Office Suite) to develop this postcard- sized “mini-flyer”:

Why I Chose this Format

As the project only had a few facts to share with the public (for examples no sculptures had been chosen for the walk and no firm project timelines were set by the date of the presentation), a full brochure or even an 81/2″ by 11″ page flyer would been too empty.  A smaller postcard format was used.

Why I Used Microsoft Publisher 2007

Ordinarally, I would have used Adobe InDesign or QuarkXpress to develop such a “mini-flyer”.  However, it is my policy as writer to create materials that the client can change, adapt or update on systems they already have on their systems and are familiar with.  I have found MS Publisher to a good page layout program.

Besides, MS Publisheer is a good program to use with Avery templates.


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